General technical information

How the Selettra inner rotor ignition works

The ignition system presented here is a CDI ignition (Capacitive Discharge Ignition). The ignition works independently of the rest of the vehicle electrical system (battery) and generates the electricity for the ignition process through the rotor and stator itself. A CDI ignition is completely low-maintenance. Electronics control the discharge of the ignition voltage. There is no need to adjust and change a mechanical breaker. The ignition only needs to be adjusted and set once during installation. No maintenance, readjustment or care of the system.

The ignition system consists of the following 3 components:

  • Ignition coil
  • Stator
  • Rotor

Process of charging and discharging

The rotor and stator are each equipped with 2 powerful magnets.

The rotation of the crankshaft and thus the rotor generates electrical voltage through the magnets. A capacitor in the ignition coil is charged by a charging coil in the stator. At the command of the electronic system, the voltage is discharged via the spark plug.

The system can be used universally on any engine.

Technical data of the ignition system

Maximum speed: 27,000 rpm (electrical and mechanical)

Selettra ignition coil

The most important component of an ignition system is the ignition coil. The integrated electronic system guides and controls the time of discharge via the stored ignition curve.

The curve is decisive for the power, maximum speed and responsiveness of the engine.

It is therefore essential that the ignition curve matches the characteristics of the engine.

Otherwise, engine damage or poor performance will be the result.

The data required for ordering can be seen from the stator or rotor lists and the diagrams.

When making your selection, always take into account the technical requirements (installation dimensions) and the characteristics of your motor. Partially there is a choice between different plug connections.

The individual plugs have no effect on the ignition. Only the plug connection of the stator and coil has to match.